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How it works

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Clickn here to reserve a bike quickly and easily.

We deliver your bike to your location.

Your bicycle will be delivered for free to any location in and around Amsterdam.
You decide where and when.
The evening before the first booking date you will receive an email about the exact location where the bike is located.

Use your bike from 8.00 a.m.

You can recognize the bicycle by the distinctive red front tire.
You can use the bike from 8:00 a.m. To open the lock you need a code which you will receive the night before your first rental day.

We pick up your bike at 8 p.m.

On the last day of the rental period you leave the bike at 8 p.m. where you picked it up.
We will pick it up again for free. You don’t have to wait for us, just lock it and we will pick it up.

Rent your bike immediately

The bicycles from ClicknBike are fully equipped. For example, the bicycles have 7 gears so you can cycle well on any terrain. The lighting comes on automatically, and the hand brakes ensure everyone’s ease of use. We also offer the option to book a helmet, child’s seat and / or telephone holder. For ease of use, there is an electric lock that can be used without a key.

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Rent a bike in Amsterdam
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also rent a child seat?

Yes you can! For €5, — a child seat is included per day. This is to be used for children up to 8 years old.

Is it easy to use the bike?

The bike is set to adjust to everyone’s length. Because there are hand brakes on, it is easy to keep the bike under control.

Do you have any experience with cycling? First, practice a quiet place before entering the busy city.

How much does it cost to rent a bike?

One day renting a bike is € 9,99. If you rent a bike for 3 days you pay € 24,99, 7 days renting a bike costs € 54,99 and for € 99,- you rent a bike for 14 days. You won’t find cheaper than this in Amsterdam.

Is the bike insured against theft?

If you have used the contribution of € 2,99 per day per bike then your bike is insured against theft. If your bike is stolen, we’ll make sure you get a new bike quickly. In addition, you pay € 50,- if your bike is well locked.

If you have not paid for the theft insurance and your bike is stolen, you pay € 400,- on top of your deposit.

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    Rent a bike in Amsterdam
    What a great service. The bike was already there the night before we had rented it, and we could even unlock the lock on the first day at 7:30 am. We enjoyed the freedom that cycling brings.
    Together with my boyfriend and my 5 year old son we had a wonderful weekend in Amsterdam. ClicknBike thanks for the good service!
    A good bike with which we have discovered the city together. Ideal for a low price!
    We have used ClicknBike for the first time and are very satisfied. The bikes were good, easy to adjust to our height, and wonderfully cycled through the city. On the last day we just put the bike in front of our apartment from airbnb and neatly received our deposit back after 3 days. A big 10!

    About ClicknBike

    With ClicknBike you create your ultimate holiday experience. What could be more fun than discovering Amsterdam on an authentic city bike and imagining that you are a resident of this special city? And we offer you one of the lowest bicycle rental prices in Amsterdam!

    Bring out the sporty you! And explore the city in a sustainable and energy-neutral way. When you have had enough you can simply deliver the bike to the front door of your accommodation again, regardless of where you are staying. It couldn’t be easier!


    The founders of ClicknBike are Tobias and Marijn. During the many beautiful journeys we made, we preferred exploring the area the Dutch way: by bicycle. However, renting a bicycle often requires some thorough searching, takes time and proved to be a hassle. Time you would rather spend on other things while traveling. That’s when the idea arose: wouldn’t it be great if we could rent accommodation with a bicycle on our doorstep ?! ClicknBike was born from this desire. As experienced travelers, we offer you the optimum convenience and comfort of a bicycle at your doorstep. Because we know that a great travel experience is built by the little things.


    Via ClicknBike you have a bicycle that is fully equipped with all conveniences: hand brakes, 7 gears, automatic lighting, a lock, and a luggage carrier.

    Our bikes are always in excellent condition so you can explore Amsterdam at your leisure, worry free. Has your stay ended? Then you leave your bike at your accommodation!



    Better world

    At ClicknBike we contribute to a better world every day. We are committed to contributing to a cleaner climate and an inclusive society: a world in which everyone is able to participate. That is why we are keen to give asylum seekers and people with a distance to the labor market the opportunity to work in our company.