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How many bikes can I rent at the same time?

As long as there are enough bikes available you can rent as many bikes as you want.

Do you also have bikes for children?

No, we do not have bikes for children.

Is it easy to use the bike?

The bike is set to adjust to everyone’s length. Because there are hand brakes on, it is easy to keep the bike under control.

Do you have any experience with cycling? First, practice a quiet place before entering the busy city.

How much does it cost to rent a bike?

One day renting a bike is € 9,99. If you rent a bike for 3 days you pay € 24,99, 7 days renting a bike costs € 54,99 and for € 99,- you rent a bike for 14 days. You won’t find cheaper than this in Amsterdam.

Free delivery in Amsterdam and surroundings

What a great service. The bike was already there the night before we had rented it, and we could even unlock the lock on the first day at 7:30 am. We enjoyed the freedom that cycling brings.
Together with my boyfriend and my 5 year old son we had a wonderful weekend in Amsterdam. ClicknBike thanks for the good service!
A good bike with which we have discovered the city together. Ideal for a low price!
We have used ClicknBike for the first time and are very satisfied. The bikes were good, easy to adjust to our height, and wonderfully cycled through the city. On the last day we just put the bike in front of our apartment from airbnb and neatly received our deposit back after 3 days. A big 10!